About Conference


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is an honor to welcome each and every one of you to ACRLS2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

ACRLS 2020 committee prepares lectures and discussions of prominent scholars in the field of robotic surgery.
Also, brings opportunities for you to directly interact with the experts in the robotic surgery field as well as to learn and experience the current trends in the related area of the industry from exploring corporate exhibitions and displays.
In addition, ACRLS 2020 aims to contribute to strengthening cooperation and relationship among members worldwide and forming a strong global network by providing various benefits to robotic clinics in rapidly growing nations throughout Asia.
In addition to promoting active scholar exchanges with robotic surgeons, medical practitioners and medical policymakers, ACRLS2020 will also make constant efforts to provide guidance and direction for global health policy makers as well as to create opportunities to work cooperatively for global health enhancement.

We look forward to meeting you in Seoul in 2020.

Chung-Ngai Tang
The President of The Asia-Pacific Association of Robotic Surgeons

Kil Yeon Lee
Congress Chairman of ACRLS 2020 Organizing Committee
The President of Korean Association of Robotic Surgeons (KAROS)